Friday, July 12, 2013

Udder Covers Nursing Cover

Another great thing I have been looking at is the Udder Covers for nursing mothers. I will be having a second child in August and this will come in so handy I never had one for my first child and I had always wished I had one so much easier than using a blanket which always fell off while I was nursing her. They just go over your head and cover you and your baby and the prints are so cute its hard to just pick one. So click on the link below if you are interested in entering the giveaway at Sadies Always Right blog she is doing a review and giveaway and you just might win.

Car Seat Canopy giveaway

I will be having my second baby in August of this year and have been reviewing the things I need for her and I have come across this car seat canopy giveaway at if you go to the Car Seat Canopy website they have a bunch of beautiful array of colors and designs for you to choose from my personal favorite is the Belle print with a purple minky color on the other side. If your interested in the giveaway don't hesitate to enter at the blog link above she gives a good review on the product.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper

With second baby on the way in August I have been going through our old boxes of baby items that I kept with my first child and found I didn't have very much with her but now I've been going thru my list of things that I would want for our second baby girl to have and to make things much easier for me and the family and especially for baby to be happy and content when she is not in my arms and found out about the Tiny Love 3--1 Rocker Napper. Gosh I wish we had this for our 1st child I think she would have loved it. It can be used up to 1-6 months and has vibrating movement for babies who have colic and has different positions for sleeping or rocking baby back and forth or a reclining for baby to play with the hanging toys and music. Such a cute thing that would be helpful at home. I first read about it on Mommy Katie's blog and just fell in love with it if your interested check out her helpful blog at or check out Tiny Love Store online and buy it and read about its benefits.