Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great Giveaway for Rockin Green Detergent

This is a great giveaway for Rockin Green Detergent at the cloth diaper fairy. I so want to try this detergent I should of bought it when I was starting to cloth diaper but decided to try a different brand of cloth diapering detergent which I regret now. But this review gives you some great information about the detergent and you can use it for your regular clothes too. Rockin Greens website is awesome they give so much information on how to clean your diapers and the rocking the soak. I need to do this so badly my diapers are getting very stinky. and they have great scents such as smashing watermelons, rage against the raspberries, motley clean, a unscented version, and lavender mint revival they all sound so yummy. so if you want go enter this giveaway click on the link below.

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