Friday, May 13, 2011

Giveaway at Momccupation for Go green pocket diaper and Rockin Green detergent

What a great giveaway at Momccupation for a Go Green Pocket diaper and Rockin Green detergent. She has a good review on the GoGreen pocket diaper it fit her 12 month old and her twin 3 yr olds. She even has some pictures of it. I love it when they have pictures because you can really see how the diaper fits on a baby or a toddler. And her review on the Rockin Green detergent she loves it really gets the funk out when you do an overnight soak. I so want to try the GoGreen pocket diaper I've read alot of great reviews on it and I think it will fit my daughter well. As for the Rocking green detergent I love it cant get enough of it. It really works. So go and enter click on the link below. Dont miss out on this giveaway.

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