Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy's Peanut Gallery for Best Bottom diaper

Great giveaway for Best Bottom Diaper with 3 stay dry inserts with your choice of color and closure. In her review she gives detailed information on how this diaper fit her 17 month old and included pictures of the diaper and of how it looked on her child. Love reviews with pictures it helps to see how it fits a baby. I've read many reviews about this diaper and all have really liked this diaper I so want to try this for my daughter and you can reuse the diaper cover and replace the inserts. My stash is really small and I think you could save money on these because all you have to buy more of are the inserts and have a couple of the covers. Go and enter this great giveaway and you could win a Best Bottom diaper with 3 inserts click on the link

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